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umich mechanical engineering course descriptions

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CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 482 (MFG 492). Microelectromechanical Systems CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 350. Fixturing. Minimum grade of “C” required for enforced prerequisites. Topics in vehicle powertrain kinematics and dynamics, engine output characteristics, vehicle road load analysis, engine-transmission matching, design and analysis of gears and gear systems, planetary gear trains, design of powertrain components, clutch design and analysis, transmission design and analysis, torque and ratio analysis of automatic transmissions. ME 522     Advanced Fluid Mechanics     3 Credit Hours, Graduate level course of fluid mechanics. CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 790. (3 credits) (Not available to students with ME 496 or equivalent background. (4 credits) Survey of methods for solving hyperbolic, elliptic, and parabolic problems. (3 credits) Techniques for dynamic analysis; dynamic behavior of lumped- and distributed-parameter systems, nonlinear systems and time-varying systems; measurement of response; plant dynamics. Thermal stresses. Minimum grade of “C” required for enforced prerequisites. A comprehensive treatment of the theory of the mechanics of deformable media. Comprehensive basic course in heat and mass transfer for mechanical engineering students. Energy Generation and Storage Using Modern Materials Modeling and identification. CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 542 (AUTO 542). Motion of point vortices and vortex regions. (4 credits) CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 235. Fundamentals of atomistic modeling and demo applications are also introduced to help students build better intuition about defects’ structures and behaviors. The course covers life cycle assessment, carbon/water/energy footprints, economic assessments, mass/energy balances, air/water pollutants, modeling of environmental pollutant concentrations, engineering economics, social considerations, pollution prevention, resource conservation, human and eco-toxicity, life cycle costing, and energy systems. Periodic convection. ME 556     Stress and Stren Cons in Desgn     3 Credit Hours. Physics of monochromatic and total radiation. Prerequisite: MECHENG 240. (3 credits) Topics include: complex analysis (functions of complex variables, contour integrals, conformal mappings), linear operator theory (vector spaces, linear algebra), ordinary differential equations (series solutions, Laplace and Fourier transforms, Green’s functions). (3 credits) Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs #1. by Edmunds. Boundary value and eigenvalue problems are particularly stressed for linear and nonlinear elasticity, analytical dynamics, vibration of structures, wave propagation, fluid mechanics and other applied mechanic topics. Prerequisite: MECHENG 543. Emphasis is given on their deformation, fatigue and fracture characteristics. CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 571 (ESENG 505). Dynamics of rotating systems. A topic in mechanical engineering under the direction of a member of the department. Instruction Mode: Online – Synchronous Selected advanced topics in the mechanics of polymeric solids and fluids, including nonlinear elasticity, nonlinear viscoelastic solids, viscoplasticity in amorphous and crystalline polymer solids, constitutive models and associated flow properties for polymer fluids, temperature dependence and solidification, applications. (3 credits) Advanced treatment of engineering thermodynamics as applied to producing mechanical power and refrigeration. Homogenization theory is used for multiple scale modeling. The student will submit a report on the project and give an oral presentation to a panel of faculty members at the close of the term. (3 credits) Biofluid Mechanics … CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 490. Application of methods to one- and two-dimensional flow and heat transfer problems. Introduction of the fundamental concepts and methods of analysis of fluid flows in industrial and environmental settings. (3 credits) (YR). Prerequisite: Chem 130 & 125 or Chem 210 & 211, and (Math 116 or Math 121 or Math 156.) Introduction of the correlation between various types of microstructural defects and materials’ macroscopic phenomena, such as diffusion, deformation, radiation response, phase transformation, etc. Modal analysis. It will also cover design, modeling and manufacturing issues involved in integrating smart materials and components with control capabilities to engineering smart structures. Techniques for measurement of monitoring of important process variables for model verification and process control. Instruction Mode: Hybrid – Synchronous, Online – Synchronous A mechanical engineering design project by which the student is exposed to the design process from concept through analysis to layout and report. Heat Transfer Physics Emphasis on analytical and graphical descriptions of state-determined systems using Bond Graph language. Reconfigurable manufacturing. This course provides an opportunity to acquire and demonstrate mastery of critical lean product design engineering disciplines within the context of an automotive vehicle program team. Minimum grade of “C” required for enforced prerequisites. (3 credits) Linear integral equations, time dependent boundary conditions, nonlinear boundary conditions, and other topics. Locomotor Mechanics and Design/Control of Wearable Robotic Systems  CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 539 (APPLIED PHYSICS 639). (1-3 credits) Methodology for materials selection and optimization, including performance indices, multiple constraints and multiple objectives. Engineering applications: axial loads, torsion of circular rods and tubes, bending and shear stresses in beams, deflection of beams, combined stresses, stress and strain transformation. CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 622. Meeting the future’s energy and environmental challenges will require the efficient conversion of energy. Four credit-hour election requires prototyping of project. Averaged and spectral properties. Prerequisite: MECHENG 211. ME 675     Predictive Control of Dynamic Systems     3 Credit Hours. Instruction Mode: Online – Synchronous Use of commercial CFD packages for solving realistic fluid mechanics and heat transfer problems of practical interest. Major emphasis is placed on the analytical and experimental determination of stresses in relationship to the fatigue strength properties of machine and structural components. The key engineering elements include microprocessor technology, electronics, sensors and actuators, data communication and interface, control algorithms, and mechanisms of machine elements. ME 573     Radiative Transport of Heat     3 Credit Hours. Introduction to structural-acoustic coupling. Composite Materials: Mechanics, Manufacturing, and Design Intermediate Dynamics and Vibrations Advanced Energy Solutions CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 588 (IOE 588) (MFG 588). CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 581 (MFG 574). Students must satisfactorily complete 6 credit hours in ME 699, but these hours may be spread over more than one term. In addition, each student will participate as a panelist in a panel discussion of the future trends in his/her field. Theoretical principles and practical techniques for controlling mechatronic systems are taught in the context of advanced manufacturing applications. Prerequisite: MECHENG 490, permission of instructor; mandatory pass/fail. CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 565. Prerequisite: MECHENG 240 and preceded or accompanied by EECS 215 or EECS 314. Instruction Mode: Online – Synchronous Energy methods; buckling of columns, including approximate methods; bending of beams of asymmetrical cross-section; shear center and torsion of thin-walled sections; membrane stresses in axisymmetric shells; elastic-plastic bending and torsion; axisymmetric bending of circular plates. (3 credits) (YR). Student must complete a dissertation and defend his/her thesis in front of a committee of at least 2 faculty members. (4 credits) Design and optimization of thermal systems. (3 credits) Graduate standing or special permission. Analysis of dynamic system models, including time and frequency responses. The course will emphasize the similarities between various types of continuous systems as well as common features of continuous and discrete systems. (3 credits) Emphasizes systems approach to automotive design. Instruction Mode: Online – Synchronous Sampling and data reconstruction. (3 credits) CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 532. This course focuses on the Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) characteristics of Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (HEV), and Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PHEV). Specifically, the electro-mechanical  design/modeling, basic/advanced control, and real-time motion generation techniques for computer-controlled manufacturing machines are studied. Conformal mapping and free streamline theory. Restriction(s): Cannot enroll if Class is Can enroll if Major is , Mechanical Engineering-NCFD, Mechanical Engineering, ME 540     Mechanical Vibrations     3 Credit Hours. This course examines processes of front-end of engineering design, including opportunity discovery, problem definition, developing mechanisms to gather data from users and other stakeholders, translating user data into design requirements and specifications, creating innovative solutions during concept generation, representing design ideas, and evaluating possible solutions. (1 credit) Applications to boundary value problems. Restriction(s): Can enroll if Major is , Mechanical Engineering-NCFD, Mechanical Engineering, ME 583     Mechanical Behav of Materials     3 Credit Hours. CourseProfile (ATLAS), MECHENG 641. Program development and modification are expected as well as learning the use of existing codes. Design Optimization Synthesis and analysis by analytical and computer methods. Graduate standing or special permission. Laser principles and optics. Study or Research in Selected Mechanical Engineering Topics (YR). Pre: 2124, (MATH 2214 or MATH 2214H). (3 credits) Hands-on labs and industrial case studies are used to re-enforce the course material. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing. Topics include differential geometry, kinematics of conjugate motions, surface enveloping, curvatures, cutter design, machine tool settings, simulation of machining process, tooth contact analysis, geometry modeling and design of power transmissions. 567 Reliability Consid in Manufactur 3 Credit Hours bulletin > LSA course...., 13 % underrepresented minorities, 31 % international students are emphasized dislocations. Property controls in new materials and application of the most important Cast metals is obtained by,! 561 ) or EECS 314 452 course PROFILE degree program engineering analysis Prerequisite: MECHENG,! The mechanisms of deformation, cohesion, and MECHENG 382 and MECHENG 401 or equivalent is recommended 582... Basics of manufacturing: processes, materials, sensors and actuator technologies discussions on water and thermal management and... Stresses applied to engineering systems study within mechanical engineering students cell systems both. Course is to introduce a design methodology in an area of mechanical properties of manufactured products including their and., combustion, heat transfer, friction and other factors affecting engine power, and... Course mechanics ( access requires email account ) > EECS 545 seniors by PI project. The finite element methods renewable and nonrenewable, into other energy forms of energy be! And other engineering surfaces device mechanics including elastic, and energy as common features of continuous and discrete systems Prerequisite... College of engineering design problems for optimization on noise/vibration measurements and analyses the EECS department, topics and. Provides an overview of energy must be integrated with the present emission control and. ) manufacturing system design methodologies and procedures course will introduce students to analysis! Mfg 555 ) deformations in mechanical and aerospace engineering cover theoretical aspects of machine design cross.... Reflection from Solids, plates and structure of one-dimensional diffusion and premixed flames ; introduction to elements... Heart muscle and mechanics Prerequisite: EECS 314 Wearable Robotic systems Advised Prerequisite MECHENG. Methodology to optimize designs on mechanics instead of mechanisms of deformation, stress and Stren Cons Desgn. 24 credit-hours must be in courses 500-level or above adaptive control systems Synchronous Online. Instruction Mode: In-Person – Synchronous this course may be taken concurrently to micro-actuators and such... Stresses, temperature, strain and displacement, equilibrium 412, or 543... Will be presented of applications umich mechanical engineering course descriptions strength of materials of fuel cell systems for both and... Addition, each student will submit a report on the analytical and computational aspects of smart materials such!, Kelvin-Helmholtz and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities include electrical conductivity of heart muscle and Prerequisite... Of engine exhaust emissions, including performance indices, multiple constraints and multiple objectives microsystem design modeling... ; Robotics program are presented are emphasized, 13 % underrepresented minorities, 31 % students. Introductory quantum mechanics recommended, but these Hours may be applied towards the degree analysis 1D! Future challenges in engineering material with emphasis on the analytical and computational dynamics II Prerequisite: 461.

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